Navigating  Stormy  Waters

Walk away with a fresh perspective on solving conflicts for peaceful resolutions.

15 minutes         Introduction
                          Review of concepts, stress levels and resolutions goals
60 minutes        Upgrading Diplomacy  - techniques for implementation
                          Strategies to prepare for the resolution
                          Wording that works to calm the situation
                          Actions that resolve
15 minutes        Workplace Practice Scenarios – Patient care or employee situations
30 minutes        Self Assessment of Skills

Timed Agenda

This is a two-hour presentation incorporating both lecture and demonstration format. 

Group Practice

Implement the learning in a group practice exercise

Examples and scenarios relevant to daily issues.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Measure their stress level, skill and patterns in handling conflict
  • Learn seven helpful strategies of how we “think” in preparing for conflict resolution
  • Learn twelve communications that upgrade our diplomacy in what we “say”
  • Learn twelve action approaches we can “do” to calm the situation

Course Objectives

Learn ways to think, say and do better conflict resolutions.

Build a format for solving conflicts in your workplace.

Program Agenda